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Never Underestimate the Dangers of Chocolate
While for people it is a delicious treat, chocolate can be lethal to dogs. It is particularly theobromine, a naturally occurring substance found in chocolate, that is toxic to dogs ........

My Name Is Sam
The story about what happens to dogs that are unplanned for. The Author, Chris Benton, recommends that every person, who gets a puppy should have a copy of this story.

Common Plants that Poison
A listing of plants commonly found around the household that are poisonous and even lethal to animals.

What's Really in Pet Food?
This Animal Protection Institute (API) report explores the differences between what consumers think they are buying and what they are actually getting.

Pet ownership demands a lifetime commitment
Playing with puppies and kittens ranks among the most coveted aspects of pet ownership. But before you bring home one of these warm and fuzzy, big-eyed bundles of joy, take stock of the realities.

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