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A dog's life takes a step up
GREENVILLE NEWS, SC -- Well, of course, Rover deserves more than a mere pat on the head for his birthday. He knows it. You know it

Canine Couch Potatoes Targeted
NEW ZEALAND -- The SPCA fears dogs will suffer health problems if tough, new leash laws come into force.

'Meow are you?'
ZDNET, UK -- A Japanese toymaker has developed a device that translates cats' meows into human speech.

What's the best dog food? - Read the label
ESPN -- Read the nutritional adequacy statement on the label of your dog's food to ensure that you are serving the best prepared food possible.

Curiosity kills Russia's first cat caviar detective
THE GUARDIAN, UK -- Russia's first and only "sniffer cat" has been run over in what police are calling a contract killing.

Some pit bull owners face cancellation of their insurance policies
MUSCATINE, IA -- Only a few short weeks after the city's much-debated pit bull ordinance was passed, local residents are feeling its bite.

Blind woman battles hospital for dog
TORONTO STAR -- Companion would be her eyes, ears But there's no room, official says.

Meet the dog who is really on a roll
BEDFORD TODAY, UK -- The four-year-old daredevil dog jumps on a skateboard and goes for a ride.

PETA urging jail time if teen is convicted of killing dog
BELLEVUE, WA -- The world's largest animal rights organization has asked a King County prosecutor to seek jail time and psychiatric treatment for an Auburn man if he is convicted of stabbing a dog to death last year as it cowered, tied up on its front porch.

Stray dog wins US Animal commendation for heroism
PHILIPPINES -- Six-year old Dagul, the dog that saved the life of his 16 year-old master during the height of typhoon Chedeng last May, was conferred the prestigious Elizabeth Lewyt Award for heroism.

Is West Nile A Threat To Your Pet?
IBS -- Horses more than dogs are at risk.

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