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Tying a dog to a tree may soon be illegal
CORPUS CHRISTI, TX -- The days of dogs roaming free in pickup beds could be over. So could the days of leaving a dog chained to a tree in the yard.

Fearsome dogs put neighbors on edge
WINDHAM, ME -- The situation is an example of scary dogs impinging on a neighborhood's quality of life, prompting a legislative review of animal welfare issues.

42 animals found in home
INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- Animal control officers took 42 animals, including cats, dogs and birds, from a Northside home after investigators found a distraught woman living in what one called a "giant litter box."

Woman says pup abused at shelter
LAS VEGAS, NV -- The contentious relationship between county administrators and the shelter prompted the board to look into putting the animal shelter contract out to bid.

Lyme: More cases in dogs
LANCASTER COUNTY, PA -- Some veterinarians are alarmed by the number of dogs they have diagnosed with Lyme disease this year.

Romantic swimming dog to get memorial
JAPAN -- A dog that swam nearly four miles to reach his canine girlfriend is getting a monument dedicated to him.

Japan's pet-friends
TOKYO -- Dogs for hire: More and more pet shops are offering dog rentals.

Don't buy from puppy mills
GREENWICH, CANADA -- The problem is severe in Kings County, where she says dozens of unscrupulous breeders are churning out hundreds of dogs.

Woman upset with SPCA
DOVER, DE -- A woman who gave up her dog to the Kent SPCA is angry that her animal was euthanized within 48 hours of her dropping it off Saturday.

Quick day in court turns into three years
CANADA -- After a spiralling comedy of judicial errors, it has taken three years and six different Ontario judges to resolve a routine criminal case against a man charged with minor dogfighting offences.

Training your cat? It can be done
Imagine, for a moment, that your cat could sit up, lie down, stay and roll over.

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