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Cat Products

The Original Cat Dancer Action Toy
"the toy has been a favorite of my cat Chaul for years now. Every now and again he gets into new toys, but he always seems to go back to that one. We play with it together and he also plays with it alone, dragging it all over the house. You can also hang it up or mount it somewhere and he likes that too."
          - Teach

Zoom Groom by Kong Co.
"It's kind of a brush. It is basically a rubber pieve of material with rubber prongs protrudung from it (they are bendible, flexible, and durable). Chaul doesn't even realize I'm brushing him! He loves it, which I can tell cuz he always rubs right into it. He has never cared for cat brushes before til now, and I've tried several. Now I can get rid of the excess hair on him, so that it doesn't end up on my clothes or anyone else's! "
          - Teach

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