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The Wiggly Giggly Ball

"I purchased one a few months ago for our Golden Retriever pup (now 10 mos. old) and she loves it. She rolls itnwith her nose and paws it all over the place!! Keeps her entertained and the noise isn't so bad. Not as annoying as some of her squeaky ones! "
          - Amy

"Our Labs loved it and it actually lasted longer then a week! The sound drive you up the wall, but the dogs have fun with it. Although it often scared their friends ... they didn't know where that odd noise was coming from."
          - Old Yeller

"Love it!!! :-) Piper goes nutty when you bring it out for her. I like it a lot better than the indestructable ball."
          - Piper

"Pudge hated it. He wouldn't have anything to do with it. I gave it to a girlfriend who has a lab and she said her dog plays with it everyday."
          - Pudge's Mom

"I hated the sound. Murphy loved it outside in the yard, but didn't last long with 6 Labs."
          - Labby

"My short legged Jack Russel Terrier named Winny loves her Giggly ball. It is the large ball and she will play and paly with it. Only problem is I have to watch her with it as she gets her teeth stuck in it when she carries it around. I have had it at least 8 months and it's still going strong. Thumbs up to Giggly!"
          - Carol Osborn

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