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Habitrail Safari Cage and Accesories for Hamsters

"Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner!" ... He gets plenty of ventalation and it's easy to clean. It's sturdy but the pieces come apart easily when you want them to ... The few seams that there are, don't seem to encourage chewing, as with most plastic cages."
          - Vicki O.

"Too small, had to put an add-on so it was big enough for him."
          - Alphie and Boo

"My first Safari cage I got home and tried to assemble but the parts would not go together at all. I ended up retyrning it to get another of the same model. It was still a bit of a challenge but it went well together.  ... in the begining I noticed he had a tough time negotiating going up the little ladder that goes to the semi-enclosed upstairs part in the cage."
          - L.A.

"When all the tubes and add-ons are on the cage gets smelly mighty quick! Withour the tubes and add-ons the cage does seem rather small.
The wheel was faily quiet, but it does seem to work itself loose and then it is quite noisy.
The tubes and add-ons are fun, but we haven't been able to come up with a configuration that seems natural or very sturdy.
The water bottle can be a pain. We have tried 4 different types. The standard bottle that hooks on with a U-wire is the most difficult to attach, but the end is what we went with. We tried safari water bottle but it is cheap and Mia easily pushed it off the cage trying to get water out of it. We also tried a Hagen tube that didn't work very well and a Flat Bac bottle."
          - Mia

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