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Dog Walking
A great way to break up your dog's long day at home or just to give him an opportunity to socialize and play in a beautiful park setting. We offer private as well as group walks. Discounts are available to multiple-dog households.

Doggy Outings
Our Doggy Outings are a fusion of Doggy Day Care and Dog Walking. We will pick up your dog early morning. He will then be off for a good romp in the park with his doggy pals and human caregiver. Afterwards, your dog will be given a chance to rest and perhaps take a nap or play some more in our Doggy Day Care. Before we bring him back home for supper, he'll be taken out for another run.

Cat Sitting
Let your cat stay at home in familiar surroundings while you travel. We will clean the litter, feed your cat, and play or cuddle with him. We can also water your plants and check your mail. Also a great way to make your home appear lived in while you're away.

In-Home Visitations
Perfect for puppies who haven't had all their shots yet. Ideal for older dogs or ones who are recovering from medical procedures or injuries. Great for small critters that can be left home alone while you're gone, but need to be fed regularly. You decide what exact duties you want us to perform.

Home Boarding
Why lock your dog up in a kennel while you travel? Have your pooch stay in the comfortable environment of one of our loving homes. No cages, just fun, love, exercise, and lots of TLC! Pick up and drop off as well as multiple daily walks included.

Small Critter Boarding
Your precious hamster and guinea pig deserve some TLC too. We will happily board your small critters in our loving homes while you are away. Low, affordable prices and a peace of mind knowing your critters are well taken care of.

Behaviour Consultations
Is Rover destroying your furniture? Could Fifi use some manners while around the guests? Is your dog driving you mad? Too many pets are given up each year because of what are essentially easily rectifiable behaviours. Let us help you keep and love your pet.

One on One Obedience
A trained dog is a happy dog. He knows what is expected of him and is not constantly yelled at and punished. Our practical obedience sessions are conducted in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

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